Bird Nest Webcam


A few years ago we put up a nest box near the garden. The tree swallows began arriving almost immediately. It was so wonderful watching them and having their company (they allow you to get quite close) that we wanted to see more of what they do in those nest boxes. So this year we installed a webcam.

Last year the eastern bluebirds began appearing. They, like the tree swallows, readily take to nest boxes. They will sometimes compete with tree swallows for a nest. We keep two boxes up so each can have a place, although there still might be some conflict as to who gets which box. Both species will defend a territory from members of their own kind during nesting season, so there have only been one pair of each nesting on the property at a given time.

This webcam will be on intermittently, the birds are generally more active around the nests in the morning. I will post recorded footage of interesting events here so folks interested will not miss out. There will be much more activity beginning in late May when the eggs are being incubated and in June when hopefully there are baby birds to feed!

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