Angel’s Rest

The Angel’s Rest hike in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

Angel’s Rest is a nice hike in the western area of the Columbia River Gorge. The trailhead is located just off of historic route 30 between the Vista House and Multnomah Falls one half mile east of Bridal Veil State Park. The hike begins a moss covered pine forest and then gradually ascends to a large rock outcrop known as Angel’s Rest.  Along the way are views of waterfalls and scenic vistas, particularly of the Columbia River.

Length:  4.6 miles roundtrip

Elevation Gain:  About 1400′

Trailhead : N45 33.649 W122 10.325

Angels Rest Topo pfl


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(0) View Vista House

View from the Vista House of the Columbia River Gorge. I stopped to take this photo on the way to the trail.

(1) Angels Rest Trailhead

Angel’s Rest trailhead on Route 30.

(2) Start of Angels Rest

The start of the hike. Nice and refreshing among all the pines and moss!

(3) Moss covered pines

Towering moss covered pines are above you for the first section of the hike.

(4) Lush trail

Lush ferns also dot the forest floor along the trail.

(5) Rock field

Some side hill trail going through a rock field, also some nice views here.

(6) Falls on Columbia

Many waterfalls are visible on the Washington side of the river. It had rained the previous day giving them additional flow.

(7) Angels Rest

Angel’s rest is first seen here, jutting out from the forest below.

(8) Alder Trees

The trail leading through a small stand of Alder trees on the climb up to Angel’s Rest.

(9) Windblown tree

Once on the ridge, the trees are noticeably shaped by the wind exposure.

(10) Angels Rest view

Some other hikers enjoying the great views at Angel’s Rest.

(11) Angels Rest Arm

The rock arm that leads out from the forest to the vista of Angel’s Rest.

(12) River gorge east

View east up the Columbia River Gorge from Angel’s Rest.

(13) Lily

My hiking companion for the day, Lily, a Shiba Inu.

(14) River gorge west

Looking west down the Columbia River, from a little ways below Angel’s Rest.

(15) Dead trees

Stand of dead pines, not sure what caused this, maybe an invasive beetle.

(16) Angels rest panorama

Panorama taken of the Columbia River and the Angel’s Rest Trail.






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