Gouldsboro State Park 2/28/2016

It was hard to resist going for a short hike on a spring like late February day. We hiked on the Blue Trail old entrance up to the old route 611. We took the old 611 south to just past Frame Cabin Run.

Old 611 at Gouldsboro State Park

Apples trees along the old route 611.

Hiking companions

Hiking companions for the afternoon. Kristy and Lily.

There are many interesting things along this abandoned section of road. Many apple trees and an old stone well are reminders that this land once had a different story.

Old well near the old 611 trail.

Old well near the old 611 trail.

Raptor nesting platform

Raptor nesting platform used to help breeding raptors protect and care for their young.

White birch on the trail

White birch trees growing on the sides of the old 611.

A still frozen Gouldsboro Lake.

A still frozen Gouldsboro Lake.

2 thoughts on “Gouldsboro State Park 2/28/2016

  1. Tom Roberts

    Curious, how far does the old route 611 road bed go south? can you get to Tobyhanna on it or does it degrade into dirt trail? Does it connect to 423 or to the rail line? I ll be checking it out this spring but was curious if you knew. thanks for responding!

    1. jcammerota Post author

      Hi Tom, I am not sure. I have only followed it a bit past Frame Cabin Run and it was intact. According to the map, it might degrade just beyond there. I am also curious as to what is further south on that route, if I get out to that area I will update this post. You probably already have it but just in case you don’t, here is a link to the park map Tobyhanna & Gouldsboro Park Map. Feel free to reply with any information you find, thanks for checking out the site!


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