Gear list for Appalachian Trail thru-hike

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The following is the gear list for my 2007 northbound Appalachian Trail thru-hike:


Category            Item                                    Weight (oz)


Backpack             ULA Cicuit                              32.00
Camera               Canon Powershot A 520                    6.00
Clothing             Bug Net                                  1.00
Clothing             Lightweight Fleece Shirt                 8.00
Clothing             Liner Gloves                             1.00
Clothing             Liner Socks (2 pair)                     2.00
Clothing             Marmot Wool Hat                          3.00
Clothing             Montbell UL Thermawrap Jacket            8.00
Clothing             Patagonia Capilene Bottoms               4.00
Clothing             Patagonia Capilene Crew                  4.00
Clothing             Stuff Sack                               1.00
Clothing             Wool Socks (2 pair)                      5.00
Cooking              Cookset (Contents listed below)          8.00
Ditty Bag # 1        Ditty Bag #1 (Contents listed below)    21.00
Ditty Bag #2         Ditty Bag #2 (Contents listed below)     7.00
Misc                 Bearbag w/ Cord                          4.00
Misc                 Empty Gatorade Bottle                    1.00
Headlamp             Princeton Tec Aurora (now use Tikka XP2) 2.00
Misc                 Knife,clothesline,small flashlight       4.00
Misc                 Pack towel (small)                       1.00
Misc                 Platypus water bag                       1.00
Misc                 TP in Ziplock w/ Hand Sanitizer          5.00
Rainwear             Dry Ducks Rain Pants                     4.00
Rainwear             Lowe Alpine w/b nylon jacket            13.00
Shelter              Aluminum Stakes (10)                     5.00
Shelter              Gossamer Gear Polycryo Groundsheet       4.00
Shelter              Ray Way Net Tent (Homemade)             13.00
Shelter              Ray Way Tarp (Homemade)                 16.00
Sleeping             Marmot Helium  +15F Down Bag            34.00
Sleeping             Ridgerest (1/2 of pad = 36")             6.00
Waterfilter          ULA Amigo (Modified)                     7.00



Total Weight of Selected Items           229.00 (14.31lbs)


Contents of Ditty Bag #1:

Journal sheets, Pen, Cell Phone, Charger, Extra Batteries, Guide Book,
Mp3 Player


Contents Of Ditty Bag #2  (First Aid, Emergency, Hygene):

Pepto tabs, Immodium, Ibuprofin, Benedryl, aspirin,  Bandaids, mini compass, needle/thread, matches, Duct Tape, chlorine dioxide tablets, zip tie, safety pin, rubber bands ear plugs, tweezers, fingernail clippers, mini folding scissors, piece of soap,army can opener.


Cook set Includes:

Evernew 1.3 liter titanium pot, windscreen/stand (homemade), Pepsi can stove (homemade),
toothbrush/toothpaste, mini lighter, 8 oz fuel bottle.


Gear list for Appalachian Trail thru-hikeNotes…………..

These weights are without food, fuel or water. Also no maps are included. This list also is what I used in the colder weather, its more of a spring/fall selection.

Cold weather gear was used from the start in Georgia to Pearisburg, VA.  I chose to switch over in Pearisburg because it is after some of the higher elevations in southern Virginia which can become quite cold even in the summer.  I switched back to a colder weather set up in Glencliff, New Hampshire. This is just south of  the White Mountains. Not surprisingly, I carried a little less in summer (see below).


 Swithched out items:

-The Ray Way Net tent went home went I hit Glen Cliff NH, that saved 13 oz.

-From Pearisburg VA, to Glen Cliff NH I used a 40 degree bag,  the Marmot Atom. That saved almost 16oz.

-In Glenn Cliff I also switched from my Dry Ducks rain jacket (6oz) to the Lowe
Alpine (13oz), The Dry Ducks jacket I felt was to fragile for the many rock
scrambles in the north, the Lowe Alpine jacket was also a bit warmer being a
heavier material, and it was less likely to have hot embers from a campfire
damage it.

-I also used a packa for a while ( it’s design
worked well but I had problems with the fabric wetting through. I know the current
ones are made of a more waterproof fabric so this problem I believe is fixed.
Another rain gear option is a poncho. You can use it alone in warm weather or
combine Dry Ducks or some other lightweight option underneath in cold windy
weather. This set up is heavier, but I have used it with limited success.

-In Glenn Cliff as well as switching out the sleeping bag, jacket, sending the
net tent home, I also had liner gloves, and the fleece shirt sent there.

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