Ray Way Quilt

A few of the steps in the construction of the Ray Way Quilt are shown below. The quilt is a one person version with the alpine upgrade (two layers of .90″ synthetic insulation). This quilt also is going with the Gorget option. The Gorget is a contoured top section designed to cover the upper body and head in the most efficient manner. The Ray Way quilt also has a Draft Stopper which consists of a length of material which runs along the edge of the quilt to help prevent drafts. The only modification I made was adding a small hang loop made of ribbon on the outside of the foot box.

Finished weight: 33 ounces

Shell material:  1.1 ounce nylon

Insulation type: Synthetic continuous filament polyester

Estimated temperature rating: + 30F


Spreading out the quilts top layer. I placed old news papers under the fabric to help keep it clean since it was in the garage.


The quilts bottom layer. I chose a darker color so if needed I could turn the quilt over and dry it in the sun. The darker color will be quicker to dry since it will absorb the sun’s rays.


Aligning the top and bottom pieces to make the Gorget pieces. The Gorget is the rounded top part of the quilt.


Measuring and cutting the insulation. I chose the alpine upgrade which consists of two layers of .90″ synthetic insulation. You can see the Gorget cutting lines on the top (closest to the camera).


The start of the quilt assembly. The foam sleeping pad (top left corner) came in handy for kneeling and sitting while working with the large fabric sections.


Sewing the nylon outer fabric to the insulation. Clothes pins are useful for holding the ” quilt sandwich” together while working.


Now that the the layers are sewn together it is time to turn the quilt “right side out”. This will protect the insulation and hide the raw edges.


The quilt after being turned “right side out”.


Preparing to install the quilting yarns. This is simply short pieces of yarn tied through the quilt to stablize the insulation. If you look closely at the center of the quilt you will notice some small red marks I used to mark quilting yarn locations. The red is electical tape. It managed to stick well enough to the nylon to serve its purpose and was removed without leaving any trace on the fabric.


The quilting yarns (black) installed and tied.


The finished project! A view of the quilt’s bottom layer. The footbox and draft stopper (the material on the edge) are visible in this photo.

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