Homemade ultralight gravity water filter

Do it yourself homemade ultralight gravity water filter instructions:

Here is a short video demonstrating how to make a homemade ultralight gravity water filter. Some materials you might already have in your backpack.

The filter cartridge and tubing could be used from your existing filter, they could be restored to the original form if desired since no permanent modifications are made. If using your water filters existing tubing,  be sure not to use the intake (dirty water) hose for the output (clean filtered water) on this project as it could be contaminated from unfiltered water.

Materials Needed:

  • Dry bag or waterproofstuff sack(10 liter is good- but size is flexible)
  • Replacement filter cartridge (or your existing one)
  • Tubing that fits cartridge
  • Wide rubber band
  • Plain dental floss (a few feet)
  • Optional On/Off valve for tubing (ex. Camelback HydroLock)


Water Filter Instruction

Homemade Ultralight Gravity Water Filter at camp

The finished filter hanging out at camp!

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  1. Ankit

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