Mist and Sun – Cold Spring West Fork

It was a good morning to do some hiking. The cool ocean mist kept the temperature comfortable for exertion and there was not much need for sunscreen (yet).

The marine layer still hovers above the trail.


Once again there were wildflowers blooming everywhere and the bees seemingly welcomed the workload. They buzzed about busily and they seemed to be everywhere. Once I hit the exposed ridge out from the cover of the canyon, the sun was there to greet me. I was glad there was a cool breeze to keep things comfortable.

The marine layer begins to burn off as I near the upper section of canyon.


I saw three other hikers and a few mountain bikers after passing the cold spring tunnel. Not many good lunch spots after the trail leaves the canyon, I just chose a flat rock on the side of Gibraltar Road.

The sun out in full force.


Interestingly, when I reached Gibraltar Road there was an old vehicle down the side of the hill. It looked as though it had been there for a hundred years. Not much more than a mangled heap of rust and metal now, but I wonder why it is still there.

Old vehicle by Gibraltar Road.

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